Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell in bulk or in larger amounts?

Yes, I do sell herbs in larger amounts than are listed on the website. The items listed are for the smaller, individual, pre-bagged and ready to go herb orders. If you are interested in a larger amount please send us an email to: Dawna@transformationalhealingbydawna.com

Your order will typically come in a larger ziplock bag, with a sticker label and not the hanging tag. Herbs will be priced by the ounce, with a discount built in for larger quantities.
I can also sell many of my 1 to 2 oz products in larger sizes as well. The products listed are in the most common sizes. If you are looking for 8 oz of bug spray, instead of 2 oz, just ask.

Wholesale availability

Wholesale Customers:
Wholesale means that you are re-selling the items in your shop or online store and buying in bulk quantities. We offer bulk sales to re-sellers with a minimum order of $300 and minimum quantities. Please contact us to discuss your needs. Not all products are available for wholesale. Wholesale rates are determined by available stock and bulk quantities desired. See also Custom and Personalized Orders below.

Do you Accept Returns?

All Herbal and Aromatherapy Products cannot be returned for Health Reasons. I am unable to resell those products once they leave my shop. This does not apply to items such as incense burners, candles, or crystals.

Please contact Transformational Healing within 3 days of delivery if you have an issue with your purchase. We will work with you to come to the best solution.

Returns must be made in the original shipping container, with its bubble wrap and packing material, so that the items will arrive undamaged. Return breakage due to failure to notify Transformational Healing of a return or to re-package sufficiently will forfeit refunds. Return Shipping Fees are to be paid for by the buyer. Returns must be shipped back within 14 days of delivery. Refunds will be made once the item is received in the condition in which it was sent. Your refund will be for the amount of the item, minus the shipping fees that you paid at the time of purchase.

Returned, Lost, or Damaged Shipping Items

Returned packages from any destination due to insufficient address, forwarding address or refusal to pay customs fees will be charged a fee by the Post Office for their return to Transformational Healing. This return fee, plus original shipping fees will be deducted from any refunds made.

If for any reason your order arrives broken or is lost in the mail, please contact us and we will come to a solution. Lost packages due to insufficient address or forwarding address are the sole responsibility of the Buyer. Transformational Healing is not responsible for losses if your address is not correctly entered at the time of purchase or you do not send us a message to correct the address before the postage is purchased.

Important Information for International Shipping

We are happy to ship to our International Customers. However, we are not responsible for customs fees, delays, lost or wayward International orders as they are not trackable from the USA. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to track and locate their international package from their home country and deal directly with their own postal service and custom agents. By purchasing from Transformational Healing and supplying an international shipping address, the Buyer agrees to the above. Transformational Healing specifically is not responsible for shipments once they leave our facility.

It is an investment to ship overseas, so we encourage our international customers to include multiple items to make the journey worthwhile.

The Typical Legalese:

The information on our website is both intuitive and found in conventional wisdom in the herbal, aromatherapy, metaphysical & spiritual healing world.
Although there is now much information and research available on Herbal and Aromatherapy Treatments, it is typically not verifiable by scientific methods, advocated by the FDA, or monitored by any other government agencies. Therefore, we offer no guarantee of any specific results with the use of products that we recommend or sell.
All Spiritual Products are meant to be used with your own intention. We do not guarantee any outcomes or results for these products. We do list the common spiritual and metaphysical uses of these items, as it is found in the lore, to help you to find the items that best suit your intention.
Although we do list the common medicinal uses of our herbs and herbal remedies. Our products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. We will never prescribe a treatment. We do recommend that you consult your health care provider for health issues, an attorney for legal issues & an accountant for financial issues.

Product Size & Ingredient Details:

Each listing has a section on the size and/or weight of the item. You will also find a full list of ingredients, for allergies in this section.
Please scroll down to see this information within the listing itself.

Custom and personalized orders

We are happy to design a custom order just for you. Simply send us an email with your inquiry.

Do you like a product, but have an allergy to one of the ingredients? Would you love a custom Aromatherapy Mist or Oil made just for you? Just ask!

We have done custom labels for customers special occasions. A great example is After Sun for a Destination Wedding. Gift baskets of products for birthdays, anniversaries, and showers. Request it today!