Energy Healing Services by Dawna Hulslander

Energy Healing Services and Rates

Dawna offers a variety of energy healing services and spirituality consultations. Clients can choose one specific service or a combination of services, in a single session.  All sessions are specialized to the needs of the individual and designed to guide you back to a place of balance and wholeness.

In Person Sessions are offered in your home for Chautauqua County, NY OR by arrangement at Brushwood Folklore Center in Sherman, NY.  Dawna occasionally has availability in Altamont, NY.

Virtual Sessions are offered for Guided Meditations, Shamanic Journeywork, Mindfulness & Back to Balance Consultations, and Tarot Readings.

Each healing session begins with a short consultation and a review of the client’s intake form.

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Aura & Chakra Cleansing

The human body, like all living things, is composed of energy. The field of electromagnetic energy surrounding the body is referred to as the Aura and the energy centers as the Chakras. Through everyday stress and tension, these systems may become blocked or unbalanced. Aura and Chakra Cleansing works with the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels of healing. It helps your body’s energy to realign itself, to flow correctly for a healthy body, mind, and spirit. The cleansing is accomplished through energetic manipulation and guided meditation. During the session, the client is also taught ways to balance their own energy system.  

60 mins – $120    30 mins – $70

Crystal Healing

Our Crystal Allies vibrate at various healing frequencies that can work with our personal energy fields to help us to get back into balance – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  Crystals may be placed on and around your body during your healing session. We may also use a crystal grid during your session, so that you can take a candle home for meditation and to reactivate the energies achieved during the session. 

60 mins – $135

Guided Meditation – Private Sessions

Relaxing Meditation is a perfect way to open yourself to insight, step back and see things from different perspective, and find the answers that you are seeking… from your subconscious and your guides.  A personalized guided meditation session offers a protective space for your healing work as well as a guide to help you to focus and achieve your goal.

In Person and Virtual appointments available.

Private Sessions are 30 mins – $60   60 mins – $110

You can also check out our Embrace Your Shadow Side Guided Meditation in our Classes.

Intuitive Healing

Feel the power of hands-on energy work and intuition blended into a wonderful form of healing. Dawna blends a variety of healing therapies with assistance from her own guides and the guides of the client. The following therapies may be included in your healing session: Reiki Healing, Shamanic Techniques, Aura & Chakra Cleansing, Integrated Energy Therapy, Sound Healing, Guided Meditation, and Guided Visualization.

60 mins – $120    30 mins – $70

Shamanic Journeywork

Shamanic Journeywork is a form of guided meditation, in which the practitioner and the client enter an altered state of awareness. This state is achieved through the use of a drumbeat, rattle or chanting. While in this state, they are able to see the world in a different manner, can open doorways, go places in their inner mind, and see things beyond our everyday awareness.

In Person, Virtual, and Group Sessions are available.

Private Sessions are 30 mins – $60   60 mins – $110

Shamanic Healing

Spirit has the ability to heal all aspects of the body; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Through Shamanic Healing Techniques, Dawna assists Spirit in the removal of energy blockages and repairing past trauma, allowing the client to move forward towards health and spiritual well being.

60 mins – $135

Reiki Healing

REIKI (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  It is based on the premise that everything in the universe is made up of energy.  When one’s energy is low or obstructed by stress, injury, or illness, we are more susceptible to discomfort or dis-ease.  When it is high or balanced, we are more likely to feel relaxed and allow our body’s own healing abilities to be activated.

60 mins – $120    30 mins – $70

Mindfulness & Back to Balance Consultations

Are you struggling with where to start on your journey back to balance?  Dawna will sit down with you, either physically or virtually, and help you make a step by step action plan that is specific to your situation.

Sometimes it just takes a listening ear to reflect back to you for you to realize your own best course of action. Other times you may need someone to actually hold you accountable for the changes that you decide to make.  Either way, I’m here to help you to get those goals straight and to take action to achieve them!

In Person and Virtual Sessions are available.

30 mins – $60    60 mins – $110

Tarot Readings

Looking for a little insight?  Let your guides and your inner knowing help you to understand your next steps.

In Person and Virtual appointments available.

30 mins – $60    60 mins – $110

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Energy Healing Services FAQ's

Is there a difference between the different types of Energy Healing that are offered?

Yes, there are slight differences.  All the differences are set in the intention of the session. The amount of discussion, meditative guidance, hands on treatment time, and use of other tools during a session will all depend on the type of session that is chosen. 

 What happens during an Energy Healing Session and how does it feel? 

All Energy Healing sessions generally lasts for about 1 hour.  The session begins with discussion of any issues that the client is having and a review of the client’s intake form. Relaxing music may be played in the background if requested and appropriate.  In a typical session the client is seated or lies fully clothed on a comfortable surface, such as a massage table.  The practitioner places his or her hands above or lightly on the client generally following the energy pathways (similar to those used by acupuncturists), and the energy is transferred to the client.  The client may experience sensations of warmth, coolness, gentle tingling, or just deep sense of relaxation.

Will Energy Healing Sessions interfere with any of my medical treatments?

All forms of Energy Healing can improve the results of any medical treatment, acting to reduce any negative side effects, such as those from chemotherapy, surgery, and invasive procedures.  It has a balancing effect on those who are experiencing mental and emotional difficulties.  It has been known to accelerate healing time, reduce or eliminate pain, reduce stress, and help create optimism. There have been several studies of Reiki Treatments in hospitals. I can refer you to these articles if you are interested. 

Scheduling your Appointment
Please call 518-577-7171 or Email Dawna@transformationalhealingbydawna.com to schedule your appointment.  Payment is due at the time the appointment is scheduled.

Cancellation Policy
We understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life. In our desire to be effective and fair to all clients, the following policies are honored:

24 hour advance notice is required when cancelling an appointment. This allows the opportunity for someone else to schedule an appointment. If you are unable to give us 24 hours advance notice you will be charged the full amount of your appointment.

Anyone who either forgets or consciously chooses to forgo their appointment for whatever reason will be considered a “no-show.” They will be charged for their “missed” appointment.

Late Arrivals
If you arrive late, your session may be shortened in order to accommodate others whose appointments follow yours. Depending upon how late you arrive, your therapist will then determine if there is enough time remaining to start a treatment. Regardless of the length of the treatment actually given, you will be responsible for the “full” session. Out of respect and consideration to your therapist and other customers, please plan accordingly and be on time.

We look forward to serving you!