Divination Rune Set DIY

Divination Rune Set

Creating a Divination Rune Set is a great way to look within ourselves in search of answers, balance, and spiritual health.


Divination as Meditation

If sitting quietly in meditation doesn’t sound appealing perhaps divination tools can provide you with a similar look inside. 

In the spirit of a more physically active form of introspection, we are sharing a very simple and highly versatile Do It Yourself divination activity.


Using Runes or Lots

There are many books available for using runes and understanding the intricacies of both the elder and lesser futhark.  Some of the most popular books are listed below.

Taking up the Runes: Diana Paxton

Runes for Transformation: Kaedrich Olsen

Elisheva Nesher has an amazing book on Casting Lots, if that is more appealing to you.

Looking for Witches Runes instead of the traditional Norse, Icelandic, or Germanic runes?   Check out – Witches Runes: Allison Beldon-Smith


Other forms of Divination

If you like the idea of using divination for meditation, but are not quite feeling the call to create your own rune set, you may like this video.

It is a great introduction to many divination methods to get you started on this path.

Divination Rune Set


  • Choose a rune material – wood, clay, rocks, gemstones, etc.
  • Applicator tools – wood burner, paint brush, etc. 
  • Runic alphabet print out – Elder Futhark, Witches, etc.
  • There are many types of rune sets that can be found using google.



  1. Gather together your chosen tools and materials into your work space.
  2. Cleanse or Smudge your space and set and cast your circle (optional).
  3. Take a moment to center your mind.
  4. As you apply each symbol, say its name out loud and contemplate on its meaning to help further both your understanding of the symbols as well as your connection to your new rune set.
  5. If you are painting be sure to allow adequate time for drying.
  6. Add any finishing touches, such as sealant, to your completed runes. 
  7. Be sure to consecrate your completed runes, using your preferred ritual, before using them. This will both rid your new runes of any lingering negative energies and help you to further familiarize yourself with them. 

✨ Remember that personalizing rituals and magical projects helps you to increase how much power you put into your workings. So Have Fun! 

🎨 Happy Crafting Tribe!