Divination Board DIY

Divination Board

Let’s create your own Divination Board! These can be made as simple or as complex as you desire.

Divination Tools

Most modern witches are familiar with the term divination, and therefore will happily list several different types of divination tools – from tarot cards to rune stones to pendulums. 

The common thread of these tools is that they help you to move messages from the subconscious, to the conscious mind. Hence, they are amazing for Shadow Work!

Many believe that this is a way to connect with your higher or true self. You can also use them to connect to source, spirit, guides, or lost loved ones.



Pendulums are known to be particularly useful when it comes to accessing your subconscious mind. They are great for assisting you to see the truth or to determine if you are on the right track for your next step.  

With practice, a pendulum will help you to access subtle energy shifts in one’s aura, or energy field. They are often used during chakra healing sessions and in different energy healing modalities.

Pendulums come in many shapes, sizes, and materials.  So, it will be easy to find one that works for you.  Honestly, almost any necklace or even a thread and needle can be used as a pendulum in a pinch.

Most practitioners find a crystal that resonates with their energy well and feels good to them. This helps with the connection.

Here are some examples from the shop.

Practice Makes Perfect

New to the art of pendulums?  We suggest starting with simple Yes and No designs.

We recommend that you start off slow and learn how to truly connect with your unconscious by using your pendulum often before graduating to more complex board styles.

Learning how to be adept with a board that has a full alphabet can take more practice than you might expect.

You can absolutely do this!

It is a great way to learn to trust your gut!

Board Templates

Download our FREE Divination Board Templates

Divination Board


  • Material for board (piece of wood, cardboard, leather, fabric, paper, etc.)
  • Applicator tools  (wood burner, paint supplies, markers, stencils, etc.)
  • Download the FREE templates, if you need inspiration



  1. Gather your chosen tools and materials into your chosen work space.
  2. Cleanse your space and set a sacred circle (optional).
  3. Take a moment to focus your mind on your intention.
  4. As you apply each word, image, or symbol to your board; be sure to maintain a positive mindset as your energy will be infusing your work.
  5. If you are painting be sure to allow adequate time for drying.
  6. Add any finishing touches, such as sealant, to your completed board. 
  7. Be sure to consecrate your board, using your preferred ritual, before using it. This will help rid your new board of any lingering negative energies.

✨ Note: Personalizing rituals and magical tools helps you to increase how much power you put into your workings and strengthens your connection to those tools. So Have Fun! 

🎨 Happy Crafting Tribe!