Creating a Vision Board

Creating a Vision Board

How does creating a vision board help you to stay on track and stay in balance?  

Well, at the start of each new year, or each new project, we are filled with excitement and enthusiasm to make big changes and start focusing on our new idea. As the days and weeks pass that energy often begins to wan and our focus wanders.

So what can we do? 

How do we keep focused on our goals despite our daily struggles?

This week we are working on ways to help you maintain focus on your goals, and stay inspired through the year.

Affirmation Cards

We have created several sets of affirmation cards to keep you inspired and to help you with your vision. 

The affirmations are the same in each set, but they are decorated to match our Printable Planner Sheets in the categories of Self Care, Witchy, and Healing Path.

We hope that these will inspire you to create your own affirmations for your vision board.

We also have several videos on our YouTube channel to help you with focusing your intention and being mindful. 


The Vision Board

The idea of the vision board is to help you to keep your ideas and the steps to those projects at the forefront of your mind. 

When we know the ultimate goal, the steps to get us there, and surround ourselves with the positive affirmations and thoughts to achieve that goal, we are most likely to manifest that into reality.

You want to add things to your board that will inspire you to go down that path and keep focusing your intention and your energy into each step that you need to do to get there.

Items to gather:

  • A “board” – poster board, cork board, open wall space, or even the back of a door.
  • Glue, tape, push pins, etc. 
  • Words and images that represent what you want to bring into your life – from health and fitness magazines, to hearth and home; ads, brochures, and computer printouts.
  • Affirmation Cards or your specific intentions written out for your manifestation.

How to set up your Vision Board:

  1. Gather your tools and materials into your chosen work space.
  2. Cast and set your circle (optional).
  3. Take time to focus your mind on each of your current goals.
  4. Focus on the positive aspects of your goals – you want the image in your mind to make you feel good so that you manifest positive results into your life.
  5. Be specific about your goals: Say you want a new house – How many rooms? What city in what state? Immediately or next year?
  6. Remember not to put so much on your board that it becomes hard to focus your energy onto bringing them into your life.
  7. Layout out your words and images, decide what you want to group together if you have multiple themes.
  8. Once you feel confident about your layout; grab your glue and solidify your vision.
  9. Sit with your completed board feeling confident that your goals are manifest. 
  10. Every time that you see your board renew your confidence in yourself and in the universe. 
This is how to make your vision board work for you!
Happy Crafting Tribe!