Crafting Smudge Sticks DIY

Crafting Smudge Sticks

Today, we are Crafting Smudge Sticks! Creating these smoke cleansing bundles yourself adds so much power to your spell work.


Herbal Smoke Bundles

Smoke Cleansing is a simple and fun way to bring the power of nature into your home. You can create many different combinations to suit a variety of intentions. 

Incorporate Roses Petals and Queen Anne’s Lace for love spells or Rosemary, Garden Sage, Mints or Lemon Peel for clearing negative energy. 

My favorite smudge blends are Garden Sage with Lavender, Mugwort Herb, and Sage with Cedar tips.


Where to find Smudge Herbs

If you do not have the desired botanicals in your own garden, you can purchase fresh herbs from the grocery store, green house, or harvest them from remote locations. 

Do your best to avoid areas close to traffic, and that use pesticides. 

Remember to leave an offering and ask the plants for permission too!


More information on Harvesting Herbs

Harvesting Mugwort and Sage for Smudge Sticks

Essential Oils and Smudging

You can even give your bundles an extra boost by adding essential oils to them once they have fully dried! 

Sage, Cedarwood, and Rosemary essential oils are great for clearing negative energy from your space.

Sweet orange and lavender essential oils will add a bit of joy and happiness to your space.


Metaphysical and Spiritual Uses of Essential Oils


Download our Free PDF – Designed to help you create your own essential oil blends and understand which oils may help you best for which intentions. 

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Crafting Smudge Sticks


  • All natural twine or cotton string – Synthetics will release toxins when burned.
  • Scissors
  • Fresh herbs and / or flowers
  • Smudge Bowl – Optional



You can watch the full video above or check out this section for a demonstration of the actual wrapping of the sticks –  HERE

  1. Gather all of your supplies into your work space and then prepare your sacred space. 
  2. If you are going to smudge as you work, light your smudge now.
  3. Unwind some twine, find the center by folding in half, and lay it on your work surface.
  4. Arrange your botanicals into a pleasing arrangement. Make it thicker than you think, as it will squish.
  5. Place them on the center of the twine.
  6. Tie a firm knot 1 inch from the top. This is essential for it to be able to burn properly.
  7. Wrap the twine around the bundle by alternating, criss crossing on each side. Pull each string firmly, but not tight enough to break it.
  8. Tie another firm knot about 1 inch from the bottom.
  9. Store your bundle in a cool, well ventilated area for at least 2-3 weeks to dry (humid climates will need longer).
  10. Once your bundle is completely dry you may want to consider adding some essential oils to it, to add to the scent as well as the magic of your working. 


To Use:

  • When you are ready to burn your bundle, simply light the tip. Then gently blow it out and it should begin to smoke.
  • If you have trouble getting it to burn, it likely is not dry enough. Completely extinguish the bundle and hang it back up for a few more days to dry.

✨ Remember that personalizing rituals and art projects helps you to increase how much power you put into your working – So Have Fun!

⚠️ Be sure that the flowers and herbs you choose are safe to burn as some, such as Jimson Weed and Nightshade are toxic when burned.

🎨 Happy Spell Crafting Tribe!