Cleansing Salt Bowl DIY

Cleansing Salt Bowl

Did you know that adding a cleansing salt bowl to your home can not only energetically cleanse the area and protect it, but also absorb water, kill bacteria, and emit positive ions too?

Cleansing Yourself and your Home

Do you come home feeling weighed down by negative energy?  

Do you wish there was a simple way to shed that burden at the door?


Well there is!

Combining certain herbs, oils, and crystals with ritual salt is a great way to cleanse your personal shield of negative energy. 

It can keep your house energetically clear too!


Across the globe, for thousands of years, salt has been considered to be both a physical and spiritual  protective and cleansing agent. 

It is often used in natural cleansing powders, to get out hard laundry stains, and clean our cast iron. 


Think of this ritual salt bowl like an intentional ritual bath for cleansing!  Honestly, we use very similar ingredients and intentions for both recipes. The only difference is that you can do this in an instant just by passing by or touching the bowl with intention!

Although, I do love my ritual baths, so I won’t be giving those up anytime soon!


Ritual Salt Bowl

Making your Cleansing Salt Bowl

Items Needed

  • Decorative bowl – keep in mind that salt will cause metal to rust and will absorb into substances such as wood.
  • Salt: ritual coarse sea salt, dead sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, or black salt
  • Herbs: cedar tips, juniper berries, clove buds, rosemary, etc.
  • Essential Oils: lemon, sweet orange, lavender, white sage, or one of our blends
  • Crystals: amethyst, clear and smokey quartz, labradorite, and shungite.



  1. Hold your intention in your mind as you gather your items!
  2. Cleanse your space using your preferred method.
  3. Be sure to Infuse all of the items with your Intention!
  4. First – Sprinkle a layer of your salt into the bottom of your bowl.
  5. Second – Place your herbs on top of your salt layer.
  6. If desired, sprinkle your oils on now. Just a few drops!
  7. Third – Add your crystals on top of the herb layer – keep in mind that not all crystals will react well to prolonged exposure to salt so do your research if you wish to use any crystals not listed above.
  8. Declare your intentions to the Universe – this will help to ensure that the salt bowl, you, and the universe are all resonating together.
  9. Place your bowl in a safe place that feels right to you, this can be in the kitchen or near a main door; it can be out in the open or somewhere less obvious.
  10. When passing the bowl touch your fingers or visualize pushing negative energies in. 
  11. When the bowl stops feeling clean or feels “full” simply refresh the contents.



If you have pets or small children be sure to place the bowl where they won’t be able to reach it.

More insight on Spiritual Cleansing

Don’t have time to make your own Salt bowl?  

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Looking for a step by step? 

Watch me create a Ritual Salt Bowl for Cleansing and Blessing your Home right here!

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We hope that you are on your way to understanding the power of salt!

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