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Chats with Dawna

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Herbal recipes
Spiritual oil blend tips
deas for cleansing and protecting your home
Medicinal herb safety
Essential oil safety
Traditions for the Pagan Wheel of the Year celebrations
Herbal and oil associations for the Sabbat holidays
Moon cycle herbs and oils
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Topics include safe use of essential oils, how to blend oils, which essential oils to choose for your intentions, and how to use essential oils to help you get back to balance.
Topics include herbal lore for medicinal uses of herbs, herbal remedies, immune boosting, magical and spiritual uses of herbs, how to use herbs to help you come back to balance mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
Topics include herbs for protection, healing, prosperity, pagan holidays, and cycles of the moon; god and goddess correspondences; and how to use spiritual products as tools to help you get back to balance.
Topics include energy healing, guided meditation, grounding & centering, spiritual intentions, positive thoughts, working with universal life force energy, the importance of ritual and routine, holistic health, and staying in balance.