Balance is Key

Balance is the Key to Life!

I truly believe that balance of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your life is the key to being happy and enjoying life.  This also involves the ability to balance work, home, relationships, and self-care.

There are many things that I do to bring myself back to balance. The very first of these things is to remember to Stop, Be Here, and Breathe! Sometimes just taking that minute to pause, be, and take a few deep breaths is all that it takes to put you right back on track.

What are you doing to take care of your physical body?

Do you eat healthy meals and drink plenty of water?
Are you getting enough sleep and exercise?
Are you careful about the chemicals and toxins that you are exposed to?
Are you doing all of these things in moderation?

Remember, balance is the key. If you are extreme dieting instead of eating healthy as part of your life style, you are not in balance. Most likely, you will teeter back to the other side.  It is okay to have the occasional indulgence. It’s all about the balance and moving slowly towards the goal of living a healthy life.

How do you care for your mental and emotional health?

Do you have someone to talk to about your feelings and emotions when you need to reach out?
Do you use a journal to write things out and let them go?
Are you holding onto anger, grief, fear, or despair that is eating you apart inside?
How do you talk to yourself?

Having ways to clear your mind, let go of negative self-talk, and to truly communicate your feelings is vital to being balanced and being healthy. If you are in need of help to balance these things, please reach out to someone.

Do you include your spiritual beliefs in
everything that you do?

We are all here for a reason. It does not matter what you believe that reason is.
Do you have connection and reason for being?
What aspects of your spirituality do you allow into your everyday routine?

If you are busy and stuck in the stress of day to day life, look to those things that bring you joy.  Take a walk in nature, meditate, light a healing candle for a friend in need, or clean your house with intention. Even clearing your energy body with intention when you shower can bring you back to balance. 

How do you balance your home, work,
relationship and self-care time?

I work mostly from home, homeschool the children, and my husband works for 24 hours every 4th day outside of the house. We also have the crystal and barn finds shops that we maintain together.  We all spend a lot of time together. We have to work hard to maintain that balance. We have schedules, weekly plans, dinner menus, daily family time with meals together, and routines for making sure we each have our time to take care of us.  Luckily, we also have each other to point out when the other is stressed or off kilter and needs some Me Time. We are not perfect, but we do always try to do this in a good way. We all weave our intentions into the things that we do. THIS helps us to be present with one another.

Enough about me though…
I want to hear about you?

What are your routines to stay in balance? 
Share your tricks and tips!
Do you think that it is important? 
Are there places where you need help with these things? 
Comment below!

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  1. I am totally out of whack. I’ve known it for months. My husband is out of work, my oldest children are adults and can come and go as they please and a ten year old with an attention span of a squirrel. I love them all for all they are. I have no one to really talk to so it compounds. I’m truly trying to connect, more to myself right now and I know the others will follow. Such hateness and strife surrounds me from all sides.

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