Associations of the Air Element

Associations of the Air Element

The Element of Air

Cardinal Direction: East
Color: Yellow / Light Blue
Tarot: Swords

As the element of communication, air helps you open doorways, discovering new ideas and expressing your own to others.  Intuition and insight are closely tied with air, much of our instincts and knowledge are subtle like the breeze.  Air reminds us to take deep breaths, tune into the world around us, and live mindfully to achieve clarity in our relationships with ourselves and others.  With inspiration, comes new beginnings, and the ability to make gentle change.

The message of Air, above all else, is to Fly High!


Herbs and Oils commonly associated with Air are:





Lemon Verbena





White Sage


Remember, Air is all about thoughts, so breathe, and let them flow in and out of you.

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