You are why we do what we do

How you helped Transformational Healing become a reality

We are a creative, fun loving, eco-friendly, hippie, homeschool family living in Clymer, NY.
We are thrilled to know that everyone who uses our Transformational Healing Herbal Remedies & Spiritual Products knows they are getting an authentic remedy or product, perfectly designed for them.
Not all of the products that you find in our little shop are just my idea. My now grown children have a lot of input and creative ideas for new items.

We are here to help you!

Transformational Healing is dedicated to helping others to make a difference by offering the products that you need to help you achieve balance in your life for you, your home, and your Tribe.
Our products are designed to make a healthy, spiritual, lifestyle simple and easy. It’s time to go with the flow and get back in balance with nature.

So, who is Dawna?

Personally, I am an Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist, Intuitive Healer, and Earth Spirituality Educator. We offer Herbs, Remedies, Aromatherapy, Bath and Body, Green Living, and Spiritual Products that keep balance in mind. I offer classes that focus on living a spiritual life, being in balance with nature, working with the energy around you, and Intuitive Healing.

My interest in healing began at a very young age. Through much practice, patience, self-healing, and education I have acquired a wide knowledge base. The goal of my search has always been to learn about as many spiritual paths as I can, so that I can help all people – from any path – and speak to them from their own World View, therefore helping them to come to balance and heal. Transformational Healing is my offering to you… to share that knowledge… so that you too can learn how to heal yourself and others. 

The journey of self-awareness to helping others

It hasn’t been all roses. As an herbalist, I’ve learned that you do not cut mullein into fine parts yourself with a food processer, while wearing shorts and short sleeves. It is like insulation!  Oh, the needles of pain and the itch!   I’ve definitely made my share of bad essential oil blends, gotten poison ivy from being so excited about finding a new herb in the field and not paying attention to anything else.  There has been an extraordinary amount of self-healing along the way. I don’t regret a minute of it! For without all of that, I wouldn’t be able to help all of you.  IMO, we do learn best from our own experience!

Over the years, family and friends were asking for help and seeking remedies or healing treatments, so I started teaching and offering remedies to them. My herbal recipes are all my own and have been tested by myself and friends for years. I have been selling my herbal products in local shops, food co-ops, healing centers, Naturopathic Offices, and at festivals for over 25 years.

Our New Online World!

Around 2011, we decided to reach more people by offering products on-line and Transformational Healing has grown internationally!  The more people that we help with special requests; the more they share our products with their friends.  Once we have perfected a remedy for someone, and it has been thoroughly tested, it is added to our ever growing list of available products. The response has been amazing!  We are in awe of all the wonderful and gracious people in the world! We are so happy to help anyone willing to “Shed their Illusion!” and “Come Back to Balance!”

…And, it all comes full circle back to you!

You Are Why We Do What We Do!

Thank You