A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods

Are you ready to bring the woods into your home?

That is exactly what happens when you diffuse a little bit of A Walk in the Woods Essential Oil Blend.  Allow yourself to drift among the trees in your mind while you go about your daily routine. This perfect mix of essential oils is very grounding and will help to keep you on track.

Ways to Create that Woodsy Atmosphere

I perfected this aromatherapy blend to use with an essential oil diffuser, a reusable car deodorizer pad, or to add scent to your laundry with our flannel dryer sheets. It is one of our best sellers during the winter season, when people are craving the great outdoors, but also desire to stay warm and cozy next to the fireplace or cuddle up with a book.

Aromatherapy Uses of a Walk in the Woods:

  • Step into the coniferous forest any time you desire.
  • Promote grounding and centering when you need to get work done.
  • Create a peaceful, calming environment in your meditation space.
  • Remind yourself of the depth of the forest simply by wearing your clothes or opening your closet.

Ingredients: 100 % Pure Essential Oils (Steam Distilled) of Cedarwood, Scotch Pine, Juniper Berry, Cyprus, and Vetiver combined with Intention & Love.

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Are you craving the scent of warm pine trees on a sunny day? Or would you rather the scent of a freshly opened citrus fruit