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It's time to Get Back in Balance

Products created to make your life simple, with natural ingredients, that help you to get back into the flow.

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These wonderful hand blended, small batch, herbal teas are now available in the website shop!

Whether you are looking to boost your immunity, soothe your senses, get some much needed sleep, wake up in the morning, or simply enjoy a cup of a traditional tea; you will find your perfect blend.

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Welcome to the Tribe fellow Seeker!

Are you tired of feeling off balance, tired, and like you are spinning in circles doing all the things, but not quite ever finding a place of peace?

Transformational Healing creates handcrafted products and curated educational content specifically designed to help you get back into balance mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  We believe that you need to be in balance in all ways to be a whole, spiritual, and healthy being.

Let us help you to find that perfect herbal remedy to boost your immune system and get you moving again. Perhaps you need organic herbs to create your own herbal tea blends,  handcrafted incense, or ritual offerings to manifest your intention. 

We supply the loose herbs and pure essential oils, the finished product, and the information that you need to either create your own or use ours to both stay healthy and accomplish your goals.


I’m often asked if you need to be a witch or pagan to use the spiritual items that we offer here.

The answer to that is absolutely not.  Many of our Tribe members do follow various earth spirituality paths, but seeking wholeness and balance of spirit and working to create a balanced energy body does not have a religion. 

All of the many paths lead to that one goal of feeling peace in your spirit, connecting to Source, and seeking your own truth.  We each seek to find that connection our own way. I can help you to find the spiritual way to solve your problem and stay true to your own path.  Just ask. 

It’s time to explore the path to wholeness and get back into balance!

Here's to a Healthy, Happy, Balanced You!

Here at Transformational Healing we have been working hard to both stay healthy and to continue to offer all of our herbal, aromatherapy, and spiritual products to all of you.  This transition and time of change has been challenging for many. My hope is that we can all continue to support one another, hold space, and help to guide each other to a place of balance and wholeness.

There are many articles in the Chats with Dawna section and weekly videos on YouTube to help you and your Tribe stay in balance.  See below for the newest videos!

Feeling Stressed?

My suggestion to you...  Go find an Amazing Tree and give it a huge hug!  Feel the tree's connection to the Earth and Sky!  Feel YOUR Connection to the Earth and Sky!   Just Be!

Transformational Healing by Dawna YouTube Videos!

Self Care is vital and today we will explore a guided meditation to open your heart to love and cleanse your heart chakra, so that you can more fully feel love, Love yourself, Love the Divine, and allow your heart to overflow with compassion.  💜

So many of you have been asking me how to create and make your own ritual bath, so I have created a Ritual Cleansing Bath Kit & Guide AND a Complete Ritual Bath Class just for you!

In today’s video, I chat about that opportunity and give you some insight into what types of Ritual Baths you can Create too! It launches this Saturday, April 10th!

Be sure to join the Tribe Email List to be the first to know when it is available!

There truly is a difference between grounding and centering techniques. They are two closely related, but different actions on your energy. 

Grounding and Centering is vital to maintaining balance in our lives. 

Join me to learn more about the differences and some techniques or exercises for quick and simple ways to do this daily in your mindfulness practice.

Do you associate “going with the flow” with failure?


Let’s chat about a different way to approach going with the flow… from a spiritual / energetic point of view.

As Spring approaches and with our current world environment, I wanted to share some herbs for natural respiratory support.

Celebrating the Full Moon – Working with the Lunar Cycle
We often talk about the Celebration of the Full Moon and the lunar cycle as a way to manifest what we want and to release those things that no longer serve us.
Join me as I talk about how to take this a little bit further and also look at it from a different point of view.

Today we are focusing on spiritual boundaries. My goal is to help you to explore the spiritual realms, to heal, to move forward in balance on your path with clearer sight, and to feel safe as you do so.

This all starts with setting healthy boundaries, from a place of love, compassion, and mindfulness… so that your spiritual energy is protected in the process.

Being mindful in our daily actions and doing everything with intention becomes a ritual.  Our daily life can change through mindfulness.  💜   Today, I’m sharing two ways to start adding ritual in your daily life and daily routine. 
Let’s start to change your mindset now!   💜   You will be amazed where you can go!

Today we are going to talk about your Most Important Spiritual Tool and how to use it properly.

It is all about mindset, mindfulness, and intention.

The spiritual tools that we use are important to helping us to stay mindful and in the moment. They help us to focus on our intentions and manifest our desires… but what is the most important tool in our spiritual and ritual practice?

Join me to find out!

Mindfully Pull Yourself Back into Balance with this simple meditation.

A simple and short candle meditation to practice mindful breathing and pull yourself back into balance.

Save this video so that you have it anytime that you are feeling anxious, off balance, or depressed. Use this mindfulness practice to create balance in all parts of your life. Live in the moment. Raise your vibe. Live with compassion.

Do you feel that you are too busy to add Spirituality into your daily routine?
Let’s change that mindset! Maintaining your spiritual connection in daily life is an essential part of being a balanced and whole person. We will chat about a daily spiritual routine, mindfulness, intentional living, and how to incorporate your spirituality into every aspect of what you do for work and home with family… just one step at a time by through being present and aware.

As Always, Made with Intention and Love

The above statement may seem like just a tagline, or an after-thought. Contrary to that, in my opinion, intention is the most important ingredient. Caring and focused intentions are what really make all the difference in a product.

If you are not connected and in tune when you create things… it just doesn’t work the same. The product is just missing its magic! This may be evident to me because I’m energetically sensitive to such things.

These two words sum up the difference between my products and those that are mass produced. By creating my products in small batches, they can be infused with intentions that are focused specifically to help you.

For me, using a mass produced blend, which may contain exactly the same physical ingredients as mine, simply doesn’t feel as effective. When I package the products that are made (powdered incense) or processed (herbs and resins) by wholesalers, I put my own intentions, along with loving and caring energies, into my products.

In my shop, healing products are filled with light energy, directed towards helping whoever uses the product. My cleaning products have an added intention of spiritual cleansing, clearing away all unwanted energies as you physically clean.

Typically, I state such intentions on the label. Sometimes it just says ‘and Love’. My spiritual intentions, however, are always infused into my creations.

For more information about intentions and how to use them, check out Chats with Dawna!